Karla Hernandez Granillo

Finding Support System

Karla Hernandez Granillo | Omaha South High School, Class of 2022

Karla Hernandez Granillo

For Karla Hernandez Granillo, making her family proud is her number one goal. NCPA has helped her find a support system that guides her to apply for college.

“Both of my parents are from Hidalgo, Mexico. My number one goal is always to make my family proud, which is something I have stuck to these past few years. College has been a big conversation in my family. NCPA has had a positive effect on my family by removing the financial stress of going to college and guiding and educating them through the college process. NCPA also changed my life by giving me a support system. The NCPA counselors always check in with the scholars to see how we are doing. The scholars also help each other, since a lot of us have the same classes together."

Through NCPA activities, such as Junior Shadow Day and the summer camps, Karla experienced college life and the available academic resources. She plans to study computer science to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

“I encourage students to apply to NCPA. It’s the best choice I’ve ever made. You’ll meet new people and friends who’ll help you in school, and the staff giving you seminars on self-care. And you’ll explore campus and see what college is like when only being in high school. This is a great advantage to have.”

One of Karla’s life-long goals is to travel more and graduate from college. The resources NCPA provides will help her aspirations.

“I plan to study Computer Science at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Omaha Public School offers rigorous courses. I’ve taken H Programming, H Cybersecurity and AP Computer Science. In the future, I want to have a career in cybersecurity. My goals for the future are to travel more, graduate with a bachelor's degree, and find a stable job that will support my family and me.”

One of the many important things Karla learns is to apply Pillars of Excellence to help others.

“In school, I’m involved in Packer Partners, where every Wednesday, a group of students and I meet up at the library and come up with ways to help the freshmen. On Fridays, we would do activities, such as writing letters to incoming freshmen and encouraging them to get involved. I’ve used the Pillars of Excellence, Knowledge, Character and Commitment in the classroom and outside of it, especially when I meet new people to come out of my comfort zone. I’ve noticed that it’s helped my work ethic, and I will keep using them."

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