Cindi Izaguirre-Perez


Cindi Izaguirre-Perez | Grand Island Alum University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Class of 2018

Cindi Izaguirre-Perez

“When I was five, I always had a sense that someday I would make a change, whether it was within my family, community, or the world,” remembers UNL sophomore Cindi Izaguirre-Perez.

Before she heard about NCPA, she had never considered pursing a college education and actually didn’t know what college was. In middle school, she said her goal was to work at a meatpacking plant and help her family.

However, when she heard Raymond Ramirez, NCPA director of operations, speak about the program and all of its advantages, she was intrigued. 

“I remember my step-father encouraging me to apply, and truly to this day, NCPA has become the greatest blessing I have ever received. NCPA has provided endless opportunities for me to discover and strive for my dreams that I once thought I would never accomplish.”

Now she’s majoring in Global Studies and Ethnic Studies with minors in French, Spanish, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. She’s on track to graduate in May 2018. 

Her involvement on campus includes being a member of t he Mexican American Student Association, as well as Define American which is an organization that advocates for immigrant rights. She is also a part of the Center of Civic Engagement which promotes community service and will serve on the IOE Advisory Board.

Her long-term career goal after she graduates is to gain experience in an organization that helps provide assistance to immigrants and refugees, such as Nebraska Appleseed or the Asian Community Center. Then she wants to pursue a master’s and Ph.D. in Public Policy at a top-tier university. Her dream job is to be a professor.

“College has really become a great experience, and taking courses over subjects that interest me, really makes it exciting. Overall, college gives me the opportunity to not only be educated, but also pursue a job that will not only help our community or world, but also my family.”

Cindi is the daughter of Guatemalan-Honduran immigrants and a graduate of Grand Island Senior High School.

Her family includes her mother, who is disabled, her step-father, who works at a meatpacking company, an older brother and three younger brothers.

“NCPA has had a positive effect on my family. It has given my family hope that they will see their daughter be a professional someday. Hope that their daughter will make a difference in this world. Hope that there are good people willing to help those who have no opportunities, obtain opportunities. This program has helped me connect with my family and help them understand how education will help me help them.”

While NCPA requires a lot of dedication, it has been more than worth it to Cindi and she appreciates all the time and effort the staff has invested in her.

“I’ve been able to obtain so many opportunities because of the support I have been receiving from the staff. They have contributed so much in my successes and doing my best in the program is a better way for me to repay them.” 

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